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Missing items

What happens if items go missing?

We ask players to check a few factors to verify the status of their items:

-Are the items in storage?

-Was the entire inventory searched for the missing items?

-Was there a recent item which rearranged or changed the location of items?

-Were the items in question used recently?

We also ask players to search the forums to see if any other players have had the same or similar "disappearances". If the items do seem to be missing, pm'ing your favorite game Mentor or Moderator to review some inventory screenshots may be helpful. Sometimes it may take that second pair of eyes to find missing items.

What if they are really gone?

If no one is able to find the items, it would be time to send a ticket. From there, R2Games will be able to have a look to see where the items have disappeared. This may mean reviewing the player's screenshots, checking data logs to see if they were used/deleted, checking recent log-in logs to check for suspicious activity, or entering the character to check for ourselves.

If we cannot find the items, and have no record of them being deleted or removed, we may need a relative time when these items were acquired. If we cannot find any evidence of acquisition or deletion, proving that a player had the items in the first place will be very difficult.

When will the items be returned?

First, we will have to determine why the items were went missing. If this appears to be a blatant mistake, or there is substantial evidence that a third-party had entered the account, we may deny the request for returning the items in question. We reserve the right to decide on a case-by-case bases in these situations.

If the evidence points to a game glitch or malfunction, we will review the lost items and return as many items as possible.

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