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Does R2Games accept game suggestions?

R2Games is not the game developer, and as such does not have complete control over the state of the game. We can provide suggestions to the developers, and show the developers why the changes are beneficial to the health of the game.

R2Games loves hearing from its players. We encourage players to come up with improvements and suggestions, however the nature of our games means suggestions may not be used.

If a player wishes to submit a suggestion, we encourage suggestions to be posted on the "Game Discussion" section of the corresponding games;' forums. This allows other players to provide comments and gives us a general idea of how well this suggestion will be received.

Why wasn't a suggestion implemented into the game?

Many features are implemented based on the Chinese version of the game, however some changes are made for different audiences. This means some things from the Chinese version won't be implemented, while our version may get features that did not appear in the original version.

If a suggestion wasn't implemented, it does not necessarily mean it was ignored. The developers may implement the suggestion in future patches, it may not be implemented, or the suggestion may need to be adjusted based on the needs and resources of the developers.

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